“I could stretch from here to Pletcher if I didn’t have to walk back.”

That statement was often said by my mother during or immediately after a hearty yawwwwn and a lonnnnng stretch early in the morning. Momma, her three sisters, and their little brother grew up in the Pletcher community.

I spent the first eighteen years of my life about seven miles northwest of Pletcher in the small town of Maplesville, Alabama.  I left home to attend college and began my career in education right after I finished.  After eight years of teaching English, I attained a much larger classroom when I became a librarian. Since 1993, serving in that capacity has given me the opportunity to work with every student and faculty member in the school.

Along the way, I dabbled in writing – nothing serious – just jotting down memories, mostly very informally. From time to time, I’d pull up a file and polish it a little bit.

Now, however, I reckon I’m going to be doing some stretching of my own with this blog, sharing some reflections along with reminiscences and family stories.  Thanks to the recent encouragement of friends, I started pulling out some of those old pieces and running the lint roller over them getting them ready for the public.

I am a wayfaring stranger to this sharing my stories with folks so openly. Where’s this experience going to take me? I’m not sure. But if you decide you want to come along…well…let’s go.

Let’s stretch to Pletcher…even if we do have to walk back.