A Son’s Remembrance

(Today’s “Stretchin'” comes from the heart of Wayne Latham, the son of Tim – my double-first who left us in October of 2015. Wayne and his wife Selina live in Las Vegas.)

My dad was a simple man.

Travel wasn’t his thing unless he could drive.

He lived in a small town called Maplesville in Alabama. Population probably 400 or so. My cousin Steve could tell you more about it.

In 2015 we were considering converting our garage into an office.

Construction was my dad’s thing so we did a video chat, just to get his thoughts on it.

After seeing the garage and getting his opinion on what it would take to get it done, I half jokingly suggested he fly out and help me with it.

I sorta chuckled about it but he was silent.

I stopped laughing and he said, “You know what, I think I’ll do that.”

Selina and I were shocked.

Selina had only met him in person one other time, at our wedding in 2012. He had never met any of Selina’s family.

(Tim, Selina, her dad Longan, and Wayne)

The trip out here would end up being the last time we would get to see him but I’m so thankful that he took that step out of his comfort zone to come all this way to see us. I’m glad that he got to meet Selina’s mom and dad even if just once.

I’m thankful for the memories we made that week.

The fun we had with leprechaun tools and diet beers and swimming in jeans.

The way everyone was drawn to you everywhere we took you in our “big city.”

Happy Birthday,  Dad.

Thank you for the memories.

We love and miss you. ❤️

Wayne Latham – June 10, 2017

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