“In My Life…”

Many of you know I am retiring from a career in public education…a career I’ve loved dearly for more than three decades.

Truth be told…although I feel a peace and know beyond doubt that it’s the right time to pursue writing with greater purpose and focus…well…I am needing a little time to decompress and process the transition.

These past weeks of sharing my story, my family’s story, with you have been rewarding and beneficial to me in a number of ways…some I never could’ve foreseen.

In wrapping up my career as I prepare to turn the page, I’ve been flooded with precious memories of people and places I will always love.

Yesterday, Shelby County High School provided me with a retirement hootenanny…y’all have probably discerned by now I’m much more suited for a hootenanny than for a tea or for a reception.

I felt love.

To the core of my soul, I felt love.

I’m a lucky fella.

I saw and felt and heard and read love yesterday…the kind of love that too many times isn’t shared until too late.

Lucky? Change that. I’m blessed beyond measure and…Lord knows…beyond what I deserve.

I appreciate y’all Stretchin’ from Here to Pletcher with me. I’ll be back on a schedule in a few more days.

Meanwhile, do me a favor? Tell somebody how you love them today…somebody needs to know that from you.

And, Lord have mercy, it sure feels good.

Steve Latham – June 2,2017

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6 thoughts on ““In My Life…””

  1. I hate that I couldn’t make it yesterday! ;(. I just couldn’t make it work with our schedule! I’m so excited to see where this next chapter of life takes you…maybe a trip to Nashville???

    Happy retirement from education!!

  2. Very nice to meet you, Steve Latham!
    I met you through the tribute Sean Dietrich wrote for you.
    I look forward to reading your writings, also. 💞

  3. I’ve read about you and how you’ve touched so many lives…tears falling with the heartfelt replies. You have surely blessed those fortunate enough to have been in contact with you. May you continue to spread Gods message of love and kindness. Reminds me of something on a church bulletin many years ago when I was a student at the University that touched me: ‘ Whatever your need or longing–that give!! So shall your soul be fed..and, indeed, you shall live!’ ❤️🌺
    Happy retirement!!!😎🎉🙏🎈

  4. Congratulations on reaching that milestone. Still striving for that goal myself. Good luck and best wishes in retirement.

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