“Rest if You Must…”

Wayne Latham is an inspiration…a Gift.

He and his wife Selina live in Las Vegas and own and operate WayLay Design, a website design and development company. He’s also the son of Tim, my double-first who left us a couple of years ago.

Not even a year ago, Wayne had been training to run a half marathon when he experienced a horrible health scare.

A few days ago Wayne shared this Facebook album in which he recounted his ordeal and recovery. I hope you will take the time to click through the album, reading his memories along with viewing the images.

Wayne’s grit and determination…along with the love and dedication of Selina…brought him through to the other side.

After only a few months of recovery, Wayne is once again in excellent physical condition. In fact, in addition to his web work, he is a Beachbody Coach.

Thanks, Wayne, for sharing your experience so honestly.

Thanks, Wayne, for being an example and for being an inspiration.

Thanks, Wayne, for being a Gift to all who know and love you.

Steve Latham – May 21, 2017

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