“Y’all Want Somethin’ to Eat’n’Drank?”

Anyone who spent more than two minutes in the little house on Highway 22 heard Momma’s invitation to partake.

“Y’all want somethin’ to eat’n’drank?”

It wouldn’t matter if we had just finished a huge meal and the last dish had just been dried and put away.

If folks were sitting in the little livingroom, Momma’d poke her head around the door jamb by the gas wall furnace…”Y’all want somethin’ to eat’n’drank?”

If folks were sitting on the carport, Momma’d poke her head out the screen door…”Y’all want somethin’ to eat’n’drank?”

As is the case with most all Southern homemakers, Momma showed her love through her food.

And Lord have mercy, did she know how to love. And Lord have mercy, did we love her back for it!

Not too long ago, two of the double-firsts – Sissy and Ann – and I were reminiscing about some of Dot Latham’s gourmet haute cuisine a la “Route 2, Box 34-A.”

See if any of these four make your mouth water like it did ours. It didn’t make us hungry…y’all, it made us HONGRY!

(If you’re vegetarian or vegan or pescatarian…well…I love you as a child of God and as a reader of my ramblings, but you might want to skip the rest of today’s stretch to Pletcher and check back in tomorrow.)

  • Ketchup Soup – Make some little to medium-sized meatballs. Cube and boil a few Irish potatoes. When potatoes are soft enough, add meatballs to the boiler. Add a whole regular-size bottle of ketchup. Keep it on the stove eye until it’s hot enough. Serve it up. Crumble up some cornbread (or crackers) in it, make yourself a peanut butter and syrup sandwich on light bread, and go to town!
  • Barbecue Hamburger Patties – Pat up some hamburger meat and put the patties in the oven in a pan sprayed with Pam (the only cooking spray Momma would use). Be sure to put some tinfoil over the pan. Bake them brown through. Take the pan out and pour Kraft Hickory Smoke Barbecue Sauce over the patties. Put the foil back over the pan and cook another few minutes. Take the pan out, flip the patties over and put some more sauce over the other side. Put the pan back in – foil on – a few more minutes. Serve these up with some creamed potatoes and LeSueur English Peas. Feel free to put your pattie on top of the taters and drizzle some of the barbecue gravy over it. Yours truly has been known to. And if you put one of these patties inside a tore-in-half canned (whop-em-on-the-stove) biscuit…yes sir and yes ma’am!
  • Candied Sweet Potatoes – Peel and cut up some sweet potatoes, boil them, and drain them. Spray a casserole pan with Pam (of course). Put the boiled sweet potatoes in the pan. Melt a half to a whole stick of butter (depending on how big a batch of potatoes you’re making), and pour it over the potatoes. Pour sugar on top. Bake at 325 or 350 for maybe 30 minutes or so. These go great with turnip greens and cornbread.
  • Barbecue Neckbone – Boil some neckbones until tender. Drain them and put them in a pan sprayed with Pam (yep). It’s okay if the meat’s already falling off the bone. Pour some Kraft Hickory Smoke Barbecue Sauce over the neckbones and/or meat, put some tin foil over the pan, put it back in the oven and heat the neckbone through. You know it’s ready when the rest of the meat falls off the bone or can be pulled off easily.

So there are four “somethin’s to eat.” Only thing you need to “drank” is an ice-cold glass of sweet tea.

If I whetted y’all’s appetite, Momma’d like that…but I hear tell, “Leave ’em hongry for more.”

Next time I check to see if “Y’all Want Somethin’ to Eat’n’Drank,” I’ll give you some of Momma’s dessert recipes.

Anybody want some chocolate pie with meringue on top or some sweet potato pie?

Shoot, I’m liable to throw in Aunt Marlene’s blueberry salad dessert.

Those are gonna be actual recipes with honest-to-Betty-Crocker measurements and everything.

But, y’all go ahead now…get y’self somethin’ to eat’n’drank.

Steve Latham – May 15, 2017

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