He would be turning 91 today.

He’s been on my mind quite a bit the past day or two because I told a couple new friends a little bit about him.

I sure do miss him and our Sunday lunches at Timbers Grill or Abby G’s in Maplesville…we always went at 11:00 to get ahead of the church crowd.

I miss the voice mails that would usually begin with “Heyyy, young man.”

I miss writing his checks to pay the bills each month and the way he would say “DI-reck” (DirecTV), “Humanity” (Humana), and “Omaha” (Physicians Mutual).

He worked wonders with his one arm…built sheds from the ground up, wrangled roto-tillers to plow the rich garden soil from which he harvested decades of vegetables, and changed countless of my brother’s and my cloth diapers (he had Momma sew buttons and buttonholes on them because they were easier for him to work with than diaper pins).

I miss him…but I’m gonna keep on working my row….


Steve Latham – April 21, 2017

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